Fountains enable you to add charm and create a relaxing area in your garden with relatively little effort. Solar-powered fountains are environmentally friendly and energy saving. They function by means of photovoltaics. They are equipped with solar cells, which collect the sun's rays and convert them into electricity. Decorative fountains must be placed in a sunny location in the garden to ensure optimum functionality. You need the sun to power the fountain pump using the solar panel. The larger the amount of water, the higher the pump power and the more electricity you will need. The higher the fountain, the more solar cells you need to install. The lifespan of the pump also plays an important role. Solar-powered garden fountains do not necessarily have to be decorative fountains. They can also be functional fountains, which are used to improve the oxygen supply and to circulate water in garden ponds. A solar fountain rechargeable battery, which is charged with solar energy during the day and supplies the pump with electricity at night, make up for the power loss in the dark so you can also run them at night. Solar-powered illuminated fountains should also be equipped with a rechargeable battery.